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Frequency Characteristics

  • Frequency range: 0.15MHz-1050MHz (-3dB)
  • Center frequency display accuracy: 100kHz
  • Marker accuracy: (0.1% span +100kHz)
  • Frequency display resolution: 100kHz (4 digit LED)
  • Frequency scanwidth: 100kHz/div-100MHz/div in 1-2-5 steps and 0Hz/div (Zero Scan), accuracy: 10%
  • Bandwidth (-3dB): 400kHz and 20kHz
  • Video Filter: 4kHz
  • Sweep rate: 43Hz


  • Amplitude range: from -100dBm to 13dbm
  • Screen display range: 80dB (10dB/div)
  • Reference level: from -27dBm to 13dBm
  • Reference level accuracy:-99dBm (20kHz BW)
  • Distortion:<-75dBc; 2nd and 3rd harmonic 3rd order intermod.:-70dBc (two signals>3MHz apart)
  • Sensitivity: <5dB above average noise
  • Log scale fidelity: 2dB (without attenuation) rif. 250MHz
  • Input attenuator: 0-40dB (4x10dB steps)
  • Input attenuator accuracy: 1dB/10dB step
  • Attenuatore d’ingresso: 040dB (4x10dB steps)
  • Maximum input level: +10dB, 25Vdc (0dB att.); +20dBm (40dB att.)
  • Tracking Generator (optional)