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 Burst/Surge Generator

New integrated version two in one DNB GBS 02

According to norms EN61000-4-4 and EN 61000-4-5, Deneb Electronics has developed an instrument that includes two fundamental tests of conducted susceptibility: BURST and SURGE.

This new instrument, very simple and cheap, allow to make functions that before were done using two separate devices, the high voltage pulse generator and the coupling-decoupling network (CDN); using 6 pushbuttons and 18 leds you can entirely control the device. Possible settings are:

-LEVEL 500, 1000 e 2000V
-POLARITY  (Positive-Negative)
-CDN (Internal-External)
-COUPLING (Burst L,N,PE; Surge PE-L,PE-N,N-L)

The integrated CDN is monophase and support currents up to 5 Ampere;this is excludible to allow the use of any external CDN using dedicated burst (BNC) and surge (shrouded sockets) connectors.
To correctly use the integrated CDN it is NECESSARY to use an isolation trasformer between mains and DNB GBS 02.

Available on request the software RemoteController to control over a RS-232 serial link the functions of the device, compatible with Windows 2000-XP-Win7-Win10.

Download the english manual of the instruments

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