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The setup for this measurement is similar to that of the conduced emissions (carried out with the LISN). The difference in this case being that the output signal of the DENEB current probe is connected directly to the DENEB Data Acquisition Board input. On activating the ¤Enab.FFT selector, the SPECTRUM programme carries out the real-time Fourier Analysis of the sampled signal, with video refresh of about once a second.

The software SPECTRUM.EXE (FFT)

With a difference to other types of software, the 50Hz fundamental is precisely discriminated and only the higher order harmonics are visualized, eliminating everything that is of no interest. The amplitude measurement is given directly, both in dB and in Amps, by moving the mouse cursor. The DENEB Current Probe has a 10KHz bandpass, therefore the evaluation up to the 40th harmonic of the network (2kHz) as the normative requires, is without any frequency attenuation.