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DENEB Electronics is a publischer and a company that designs, manufactures and distributes electronic equipment. Within the range of DENEB products, the product that stands out is the DENEB microprocessor emulator, which with the DATA ACQUISITION BOARD for PC, simulates an OSCILLOSCOPE, SPECTRUM ANALYSER, and EMC Measurement system by using appropriate software.

Our products are designed, made and tested in these laboratories:


Deneb's foto collection:

Bias '87 (MI)
Bias '89 (MI)
Nuove Tecnologie '89 (TO)
Bias '91 (MI)
Bias '92 (MI)
Bias '96 (MI)
Bias '96 Giovanni Pierantoni
Bias '96 Fabio Latini

For further information and more detailed product info, write to our e-mail address: